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SOAR® Teaching Frames

Practice Focused.  Learning Driven.


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Build Instructional Capacity System-Wide

Design and implement the conditions needed for continuous improvement in teaching and learning. We offer a suite of tools and services for system-wide professional growth aligned with your goals.

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Professional Learning for Teachers and Coaches

Support implementation of research-based teaching practices that drive learning for all students in all grades. We offer a professional learning series for teachers and coaches and follow up sessions to support implementation.

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Professional Learning for Instructional Leaders

Equip instructional leaders with the tools to support teacher growth and elevate learning for all students in every classroom. Our Teaching Frames and rubrics help instructional leaders offer the support needed to drive student.


Ruben Reyes, Superintendent

Robla School District,

Sacramento CA

 “The SOAR frames have been the foundation for our current work in the district to transform our instructional practice. Not only do the frames provide us with common language and specific definitions of effective teaching practices, but they have also served as a detailed model for teachers, principals, and coaches. The frames have given our teachers specific strategies to implement and refine, which more actively engage students in their learning.” 

Dr. Ivonne Borrero, EL/SPED Supervisor

Boston Public Schools

After taking the initial training on SOAR’s Disciplinary Discussions Frame, I wanted to see how it worked in a classroom setting. Esperanza Elementary School in Los Angeles was kind enough to allow me to spend a morning in their building. I was amazed when students as young as Kindergarten were engaged in discussions on a variety of topics. The consistent use of the frame across all grades was evident. In depth discussions around Science, Math, and

Language Arts at all levels were taking place in every classroom with students at all ELD levels. I’m very excited to begin this work in my district as soon as possible to support our ELs and their teachers

Maricela Sanchez, Director

Los Angeles Unified School District

“SOAR helped us to understand what disciplinary language is - what it looks like and sounds like in a classroom. SOAR supported teachers in planning and understanding language teaching practices, and supported coaches and administrators in observing, collecting evidence, and facilitating reflective conversations to improve delivery of instruction focused on student academic interactions. SOAR helped teachers shift in their thinking and truly understand what it means to be a teacher of language and literacy!”


We provide professional development sessions and site-based support for implementing the SOAR Teaching Frames in your district or at your school. For more information complete the form and we will contact you. 

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