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SOAR Teaching Frames

The SOAR Teaching Frames® are used to drive improvements in teaching and learning across content areas, and are aligned with the CCSS Standards and the California Curriculum Frameworks. Click on the image to explore the teaching frames.


Model Lessons

We have developed SOAR Model Lessons and associated vignettes to illustrate what the SOAR Practices look like when enacted in traditional and hybrid classrooms. Click on the image to download a sample vignette for first grade.

Children at School

SOAR Posters

We have developed classroom posters to support Disciplinary Discussions and Mathematical Discussions. These are available in English and in Spanish.


SOAR Manuals

We have developed manuals for each of the SOAR Teaching Frames in Math and Literacy. These include vignettes, instructional strategies, SOAR model lessons, and instructional tools.


SOAR Rubrics

We have designed rubrics for each of the SOAR Teaching Frames in Math and Literacy. Click on the image below to download a sample rubric.

Creatives Discussing Project

Teacher Supports

We have developed a range of supports for teachers that include planning tools, formative assessments, and learning tools for students.

Elementary Classroom
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