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SOAR Disciplinary Discussions Teaching Frame - Module

​Learn about instructional practices that help teachers structure, support and strengthen student-to-student discussions about academic content. Effective teachers build student conversation skills and provide extended and supported opportunities for students to engage in disciplinary discussions. Effective teachers also facilitate the acquisition of the academic language students need to engage in discussions, they help students realize when a discussion is stalled or off track and provide them with strategies to use to get the discussion back on track. Finally, they carefully monitor and guide every students’ engagement in a discussion and their use of academic language during that discussion. And when they plan for a lesson where students will be engaged in disciplinary discussions, they think through the moves they can make during instruction as well as the materials and support they need to help students be successful.

Before watching the video you should print the DD Teaching Frame and the Traditional Classroom Vignette. After the video module read the Hybrid Vignette and Hybrid Strategies to explore ways to implement Disciplinary Discussions in Hybrid Classrooms.

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