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Disciplinary Uses of Evidence

​Learn about the Strategic Observation and Reflection Teaching Frames. Understand the components of the SOAR Disciplinary Discussions Teaching Frame. Overview of practices that help teachers structure, strengthen, and support student interaction with complex text to develop academic language and disciplinary literacy. This practice develops students’ abilities to understand the academic language and structure of complex text, which strengthens comprehension, content knowledge, and disciplinary language.. To be effective teachers engage students in analysis of text and provide supported opportunities for students to interact with text and build academic language. Effective teachers facilitate the acquisition of the academic language students need to interact with text, they help provide students with strategies to use when interacting with text. Finally, they carefully monitor and guide every students’ text interactions. And when they plan for a lesson where students will be engaged with complex texts, they think through the moves they can make during instruction as well as the materials and support they need to help students be successful.

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